Are you a cat lover?
Do you love your cat so much you think he/she is the best cat in the world?
(And you HATE when people call them ‘it’! How DARE they?…)

More importantly, you love your cat so much, you wish you could tell people how your cat is the best/most beautiful/kindest/smartest/etc cat in the world, except…

You can’t.

Coz you know what is coming if you do.

You could run into people thinking you are crazy!

Considering other people can talk about their passion – cars, computer games, shoes, books, and…even dogs; that just seems hardly fair that cat people can’t talk about their cats! It’s also not fair to cats to receive this kind of treatment either…

Also considering living with cats can improve your immune system, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, help with depression and they even serve in the military! (Please refer to my detailed research on military cats by clicking here).

Oh, that’s just not fair to cat people and cats!

NOW is the time to change that! It’s now time to break the social stigma towards cats and cat people!!!

On International Praise The Cat Day™, you can meet your local like-minded cat people. You can talk about your cat (and cats in general) to your heart content in safety, knowing no one in the room will judge you. You might even be able to meet your new best friend! Or even a new date! Who knows?
(I gave a guy my phone number after learning that he loves cat 7 years ago, and now he is my husband :-P )

To most of us, our cat is an important family member who gives so much. If we have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even Administrative Assistant Day to thank those who deserve, our cats definitely deserve to have their one day a year when we can say a big ‘THANK YOU’.

Do you know cat people also tend to be more artistic, open-minded and caring? (Ok, according to the same research, we also tend to be more neurotic and prone to worrying…oh well…) So we could even raise fund for local cat charities while we are at it!

They say ‘two birds one stone’, we say ‘one pounce, scare all the birds at once’…
or something like that.

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