International Praise The Cat Day™ is an event for cat lovers around the world.

To most of us, our cat is an important family member. They give us unconditional love, they do their ‘hot water bottle’ duty when we were ill, they make us laugh, they teach us to be humble when they out-smart us, they teach us we don’t have to listen to other people’s order when we don’t feel like to, the list goes on and on…

If we have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even Administrative Assistant Day to thank those who deserve, our cats definitely deserve to have their one day a year when we can say a big ‘THANK YOU’.

International Praise The Cat Day™ official day is on 21 May, but events can take place between 15-21 May taking into consideration of circumstances in different countries (weather constraint, public holidays, etc).

Cat people get together on that day to participate in events organised by cat loving individuals or charity organisations.

Its ultimate goal is to change the social stigma towards cats and cat people by seeing them ‘out in the open’. As a result, we hope to raise the awareness of cat welfare around the world.

During the year, we are hoping this website can serve as a virtual Praise The Cat™ (PTC) venue where cat people can share funny cat photos, quotes, videos, etc.

This is the first year of the International Praise The Cat Day™, we are confident this event will gain popularity, we are looking forward to seeing future events in the years to come.

International Praise The Cat Day™ is the brain-child of Alice Chau-Ginguené – a cat sitter and behaviourist based in Dublin, Ireland. You may check out her work at Maow Care on here.