Yeah! We got the first submission of a lovely story from Jessica in Dublin. Thank you Jessica :-)

Here is Batman…


Would you wonder why he is named such? :-D

And here is Jessica’s story with Batman:

‘Walking home from school one day when I was younger and my cat met me at entrance to estate. So I’m talking away to him as we make our way home. A neighbour called me another day and said she thought i was talking to myself till she seen the cat walk past her wall miaowing at me lol. Thank god she seen the cat. Must have thought i was crazy Haha’

Unfortunately Batman has now gone to kitty heaven. But I am sure this sweet memory of him ‘picking up’ Jessica every day on her way home will stay with her forever.

That’s what the website is about. All the heartwarming stories and all the lovely memories between human and cats, but cat people are very shy about them. I hope that will help us kick start this Praise The Cat movement and will get more submission in! Don’t be shy, keep them coming. We need to start talking (bragging) about our cats for the general public to get used to cat people! We need to change this ‘cat people’ stereotype one story at a time! Keep them coming!

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