Work company…or not…

Do your cats like to keep you company when you are working? Apparently they have been doing that for centuries. Here is an illuminated manuscript called ‘The Maastricht Hours’ which originated in Liège in the 14th Century. It’s in the British Library now. It shows a nun spinning wool.

(For those who don’t know what it is:
1. I can’t believe you don’t know but then again I love knitting so maybe it’s abnormal of me to know…
2. that’s how people used to make wool to make clothes before industrial revolution)

As you can see, kitty cat played with the spindle while the nun is working! Too bad we can’t see if the good Sister is cursing though. It would have been fun to know…hehehe

So do your cat keeps you company? Or more a nuisance to stop you from working? Comment below!

(Special thanks to Margaret Lonergan for letting me know about this story )


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The CAThering

The CAThering in Dublin (pun to The Gathering Ireland 2013 in case you don’t already know, haha) took place on the beautiful day of 19 May.

We gather a group of cat lovers to celebrate our friendship with cats. It was in Merchant’s Arch in Dublin 2. It was quite a lovely place looking at the view of River Liffey.

We all had a great day that day.

The only ‘complain’, if you can even call it that, is it was too sunny on the day and it affects the turn out since a lot of people needs to work on their garden or have to go picnic, etc.

So I am thinking, I am going to have two venues next year – one for sunny day, one for rainy day. Maybe Stephen’s Green for the sunny day venue? What do you think?

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Larm Larm

Finally, International Praise The Cat Day is here!

10 years ago today at 18:41 Hong Kong time, I took him home from a shelter. He has been my best friend ever since. He not only teach me about love, nurse me when I am ill, give me courage to move to Europe, he also inspires me to work with cats full time. Without him, there wouldn’t be me here in Ireland; without him, there wouldn’t be Maow Care.
Please join me to celebrate the anniversary of my friendship with Larmlarm. This picture was taken when he was about 4-5 months old.


He moved with me from Hong Kong to Paris, then later on to Dublin. He has travelled 10627.48km with me. I know it sounds cliche, but I love him more than I can say.

And I want to thank him for being my friend for 10 years – Thank you thank you thank you’.



P.S. I got him his favorite food today for the anniversary, haha.

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Today, we are going to tell you the amazing and heartwarming story of Mario. Thank you Debbie from Hong Kong to share with us.

Mario was a street cat in a housing estate in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. I know I know, it’s a bit difficult to imagine such a beautiful cat lived on the street but he did.




Debbie’s father was a nightshift taxi driver. Every day, when he finished his shift in the morning, Mario, would greet him at the entrance of the estate, Debbie’s dad would feed him and as a return of favour, Mario would walk him home. A friendship between human and cat soon flourished.

One day, Debbie’s father finished his shift but there was no Mario waiting for him. A few days went on, still no Mario. Debbie’s father started to be worried so he asked the security man. The security man said the Government Animal Control people were here a few days ago and might have taken Mario to the dog pound. The dog pound only hold the animals for 7 days before they will be put down, so Debbie’s father went straight to the police station to make a police report saying he lost his cat. After filling in whole bunch of paperwork, the police direct him to Sheung Shui Dog Pound to claim Mario. For those who are not familiar with the geography of Hong Kong, that’s an hour of transport to go from Tuen Mun to Sheung Shui!

When they got to the Dog Pound, they were told Mario was schedule to be put down the next day. So if Debbie and her family didn’t arrive on time to save Mario. Mario would have gone in kitty heaven.

Such touching cat-human friendship, isn’t it? Not only their treasure the friendship to the point that they went through the bureaucracy to make a claim of Mario, but they didn’t actually even think twice. Their first reaction was to save Mario, nothing else.

I have to say, it’s actually not uncommon to see wonderful cat-human friendship. I have seen a lot of unbelievable and inexplicable stories from cat people around me. It’s just that cat people are much more shy to share heartwarming stories like that than dog people. As a result, we tend to hear dog stories more often.

So cat people! It’s time to change that! If you have an amazing cat story, submit now! You can see the submission details on Contact.

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Baxter and his human – Louis the photographer

Today, Louis the photographer shares with us some amazing photos of his cat – Baxter.
What’s even more amazing is, all the below pictures are taken using his phone! So it really is not about the machine, it’s the photographer that make or break a photo…wow.

Amazing photos, right?

Louis is currently reside in Johannesburg with Baxter, please go check out his work on:
Vague_Blur Photography
Vague_Blur Art
Vague_Blur Books

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Cats are easy targets

Today, in the world of political correctness, cat and ‘cat people’ are probably one of the few ‘target’ left for mean-spirited people to pick on. The below is from NBC 10.

SWANSEA, Mass. -
For a cat named Penny, it’s just another night patrolling the book shelves.

Meanwhile the drama over the cat making its home at the Swansea Public Library played out across town.

The cat’s defenders came to a special meeting Wednesday of the library board following a complaint against the cat last week. Twenty people showed up. That’s 20 more than normal for a library board meeting.

Some library patrons say they stop by just to see Penny.

“She’s so soft and friendly and cuddly. She just loves to be near people,” said Linda Barlow.

But last week, Patrick Higgins, who’s complained about disability access issues in town for years, wanted the cat out. Higgins threatened to file a complaint with the federal government under the Americans With Disabilities Act, arguing that Penny is a problem for people allergic to cats.

“The cat’s another disability that’s not being addressed,” Higgins told NBC 10 last week.

Higgins has since backed off wanting the cat gone, but is still demanding that signs about allergies be posted, that the library get a permit from the board of health, and that Penny not be replaced by another cat when it dies.

Higgins did not attend the special meeting of the library board. He sent an e-mail to NBC 10 claiming he’d gotten death threats and police wouldn’t provide security for him.

Library board chairman Brian Lowney said no action is needed because a formal complaint has not been made.

“Penny is going to live out her years at the Swansea Public Library,” Lowney said.

He also said the library would look into the issues raised if a formal complaint is lodged.

Higgins says he’s not backing off his demands.


And THIS is exactly why we need Praise The Cat, we need to tell the public it is NOT ok to pick on cats and their people, the same way it’s NOT ok to pick on anyone else! This phenomenon where people think it’s ok to make fun of cat people is beyond my understanding.


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Yeah! We got the first submission of a lovely story from Jessica in Dublin. Thank you Jessica :-)

Here is Batman…


Would you wonder why he is named such? :-D

And here is Jessica’s story with Batman:

‘Walking home from school one day when I was younger and my cat met me at entrance to estate. So I’m talking away to him as we make our way home. A neighbour called me another day and said she thought i was talking to myself till she seen the cat walk past her wall miaowing at me lol. Thank god she seen the cat. Must have thought i was crazy Haha’

Unfortunately Batman has now gone to kitty heaven. But I am sure this sweet memory of him ‘picking up’ Jessica every day on her way home will stay with her forever.

That’s what the website is about. All the heartwarming stories and all the lovely memories between human and cats, but cat people are very shy about them. I hope that will help us kick start this Praise The Cat movement and will get more submission in! Don’t be shy, keep them coming. We need to start talking (bragging) about our cats for the general public to get used to cat people! We need to change this ‘cat people’ stereotype one story at a time! Keep them coming!

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Welcome to the Catvolution

Hi, today is the official launch day of the Praise The Cat website. I am hoping cat people around the world will enjoy the concept of Praise The Cat; they can then be proud and loud about their passion with their feline friends. Cat people shouldn’t have to feel shy about being cat people.

If you have any video, photos, stories or even poetry that is relevant to the Praise The Cat concept, please send them in, we would love to share them with the cat people around the world.

Looking forward to seeing your inputs!

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