Q: Cat Person: ‘Oh such a lovely event! How can I join?’
A: Click on FIND AN EVENT button to find your local Praise The Cat™ (PTC) event.

Q: Non-Cat-Person: ‘Are you guys mad? What’s this about?’
A: The International Praise The Cat Day™ is an event for cat lovers around the world. We respect that you don’t like cats, (though we believe you are missing out something great in your life, but hey…) please also respect we do like cats and enjoy sharing our experience with other like-minded people. Thank you.

Q: Why 21 May?
A: 10 years ago on 21 May, he came to live with Alice…


Since then, Alice has learnt a great deal from him. She learn to love and to be loved. He even inspired her to have a career working with cats! We are sure you all remember that special day when your cat stepped into your lives and we can celebrate that together at your International Praise The Cat Day™ event. To facilitate organisation, PTC events can take places during the week of 15 – 21 May.

Q: Who is this Alice woman? 
A: Alice Chau-Ginguené is the founder of International Praise The Cat Day™. She is a cat sitter and behaviourist based in Dublin and you can learn more about her work on here.

Q: There is no event in my country, what to do?
A: Organise one now! You can gather lots of people through social media. Try our Facebook page and you might be able to local other cat people in your area. Once you have put together an event, make sure to contact us, we will list your event on the website, so other cat people can find you.

Q: What happen at a PTC event?
A: Anything your group like to do, to be honest. You can talk about cats, share your cat photos, exchange unwanted cat toys, give away cat treats that your cat won’t eat (and it just costs you 15 Euros to buy), etc. You can even raise fund for your local cat charities during the event. We find the easiest way to do is to put a jar out and ask people to chip in or ask people to chip in for every exchange of cat toys, cat treats, cat food. You could even invite a vet to give talk at your event, or visit a cat shelter together. A PTC event is however your group want it to be.

Q: The Praise The Cat Logo is really cute! Can I use it to promote my PTC event? 
A: Sure! However, please be reminded that we own the copyright of the Praise The Cat logo. You are welcome to use it to promote your PTC event, but we will not be very happy if you use the logo for commercial purposes. If you print the logo on T-shirts and sell them, that’s naughty! If you have a great idea and want to use the logo for a business project, please be in touch, sure we can figure out something together :-)