Today, we are going to tell you the amazing and heartwarming story of Mario. Thank you Debbie from Hong Kong to share with us.

Mario was a street cat in a housing estate in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. I know I know, it’s a bit difficult to imagine such a beautiful cat lived on the street but he did.




Debbie’s father was a nightshift taxi driver. Every day, when he finished his shift in the morning, Mario, would greet him at the entrance of the estate, Debbie’s dad would feed him and as a return of favour, Mario would walk him home. A friendship between human and cat soon flourished.

One day, Debbie’s father finished his shift but there was no Mario waiting for him. A few days went on, still no Mario. Debbie’s father started to be worried so he asked the security man. The security man said the Government Animal Control people were here a few days ago and might have taken Mario to the dog pound. The dog pound only hold the animals for 7 days before they will be put down, so Debbie’s father went straight to the police station to make a police report saying he lost his cat. After filling in whole bunch of paperwork, the police direct him to Sheung Shui Dog Pound to claim Mario. For those who are not familiar with the geography of Hong Kong, that’s an hour of transport to go from Tuen Mun to Sheung Shui!

When they got to the Dog Pound, they were told Mario was schedule to be put down the next day. So if Debbie and her family didn’t arrive on time to save Mario. Mario would have gone in kitty heaven.

Such touching cat-human friendship, isn’t it? Not only their treasure the friendship to the point that they went through the bureaucracy to make a claim of Mario, but they didn’t actually even think twice. Their first reaction was to save Mario, nothing else.

I have to say, it’s actually not uncommon to see wonderful cat-human friendship. I have seen a lot of unbelievable and inexplicable stories from cat people around me. It’s just that cat people are much more shy to share heartwarming stories like that than dog people. As a result, we tend to hear dog stories more often.

So cat people! It’s time to change that! If you have an amazing cat story, submit now! You can see the submission details on Contact.

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