The CAThering

The CAThering in Dublin (pun to The Gathering Ireland 2013 in case you don’t already know, haha) took place on the beautiful day of 19 May.

We gather a group of cat lovers to celebrate our friendship with cats. It was in Merchant’s Arch in Dublin 2. It was quite a lovely place looking at the view of River Liffey.

We all had a great day that day.

The only ‘complain’, if you can even call it that, is it was too sunny on the day and it affects the turn out since a lot of people needs to work on their garden or have to go picnic, etc.

So I am thinking, I am going to have two venues next year – one for sunny day, one for rainy day. Maybe Stephen’s Green for the sunny day venue? What do you think?

Praise The Cat

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