Work company…or not…

Do your cats like to keep you company when you are working? Apparently they have been doing that for centuries. Here is an illuminated manuscript called ‘The Maastricht Hours’ which originated in Liège in the 14th Century. It’s in the British Library now. It shows a nun spinning wool.

(For those who don’t know what it is:
1. I can’t believe you don’t know but then again I love knitting so maybe it’s abnormal of me to know…
2. that’s how people used to make wool to make clothes before industrial revolution)

As you can see, kitty cat played with the spindle while the nun is working! Too bad we can’t see if the good Sister is cursing though. It would have been fun to know…hehehe

So do your cat keeps you company? Or more a nuisance to stop you from working? Comment below!

(Special thanks to Margaret Lonergan for letting me know about this story )


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